Videos & More

Are you ready for CHEACon 2019? If not, these videos can give you some more information, deeper insight, and just overall excitement for the homeschool event of the year!

CHEACon 2019 Promo


(Anyone can attend a CHEA Convention! Will you?)


(So why even attend CHEACon? Watch and see!)


(The best thing CHEACon does is equip you to teach your children! Find out how!)


(Did you know we have an online store?)


(Listen to Michaela’s story to learn how CHEA is there for you!)


(Do you know what the letters in our name stand for?)


(CHEA can help you get connected with other local homeschoolers!)


(Did you know these three organizations ALL support homeschoolers?)


(Homeschooling allows you to cater to your child’s unique needs. See how!)


(CHEA has many resources to connect homeschool families.)


(Hear why one student loves being homeschooled!)


(Learn about CHEA’s resources for your special needs student!)


(Hear Rebecca Kocsis deliver CHEA’s mission!)


(Donations make a massive impact on how CHEA assists homeschooling. See how!)


(So are you “Going to CHEA?” We are, and we hope to see you there!)