2019 Volunteer

Join The Team
An event of this size depends on the help of a huge team of volunteers. Volunteers are urgently needed to help with the Convention. Those who volunteer for one session or more will receive a CD voucher for each session worked. A limited number of Convention volunteers may earn complimentary registration. To volunteer, please contact the volunteer coordinator by email at beavolunteerannual@cheaofca.org. You can also visit the Volunteer booth in the building lobby during the Convention.

Teen Volunteers
Each year an awesome team of homeschooled teens and graduates help out at the Convention in a variety of ways. This is a fun opportunity for your teen to learn the heart of service while meeting other homeschoolers. We now have a sponsor that allows us to provide service t-shirts for our volunteer youth. Also, a certificate of participation for the volunteer hours served can be provided upon request; a great addition to your student’s high school transcripts.