2019 Shop to Win


For every $25 spent at exhibitor booths in the CHEA Convention Exhibit Hall (see exclusions below), receive one entry into the drawing for a chance to win one of five (5) $100 cash prizes.

The purpose of the “Shop To Win” program is to encourage attendees to purchase on-site from CHEA Convention exhibitors. Exhibitors are a valuable part of our event. Supporting them by purchasing on-site during the convention encourages the return of quality exhibitors year after year.

See below for full rules of participation.

How It Works

  • Make purchases from qualifying vendors in the Exhibit Hall (see below for exclusions).
  • Bring receipts to the Shop to Win! booth at the front of the Exhibit Hall throughout the weekend, but no later than 3:00 pm Saturday to be entered in the drawing.
    • Qualifying purchases must be made from an exhibitor at the CHEA Convention by registered Convention attendees age 18 and older.
    • Receipts are required and must show the purchase date and exhibitor name to qualify.
    • Electronic receipts will only be accepted on Saturday and may only be used once.
    • Receipts will be marked by CHEA and can only be counted once. One entry per $25 spent in the exhibit hall. Receipt totals will be rounded down to the nearest $25 unless the total is within $5 of the next increment of $25.
      • EXAMPLE 1: Receipts totaling S47.65 will be rounded up to $50 and the participant will receive two entries in the drawing.
      • EXAMPLE 2: Receipts totaling $43.64 will be rounded down to $25 and the participant will receive one entry in the drawing.
    • Once marked, a receipt cannot be used again, even if the attendee has a “balance” that might count toward another $25 in sales for an additional entry in the drawing. If you plan to do additional shopping and a receipt you have will not get you to the next increment of $25, you may wish to hold on to that receipt until you have spent enough at exhibitor booths to earn another entry in the drawing.
    • The decisions of CHEA staff are final regarding whether a receipt qualifies for the drawing.
    • Receipts will be returned to attendees once the receipt values are totaled for the drawing.


  • The Shop To Win drawing will take place in Ballroom ABC after the Exhibit Hall closes Saturday.
  • Five (5) winners will be drawn.
  • Winners must present the matching ticket to collect the prize.
  • One winner per household.
  • Each of the five (5) winners will receive a $100 cash prize.
  • A check for $100 will be mailed to each of the five winners after the event.


Does not apply to purchases made at on-site concessions or Starbucks, or for CHEA Membership, Convention registration, Used Curriculum Sale, or other CHEA purchases.